The competition is open to all- amateurs, professionals and culinary art’s students.  Categories of competition are: APPETIZER, SOUP/CHOWDER and MAIN DISH. Each dish must have seafood as the main ingredient.

  1. Applications must be submitted by September 1, 2016.  Finalist will be announced on September 15, 2016. You may enter up to 2 categories but must list your preference.  Second category will be considered on space availability. Please indicate if you have a preference of Saturday or Sunday and we will try to schedule you on your preferred day.
  2.  You will have one hour to prepare and present 6 portions of your dish. You are encouraged to do as much prep off site as possible. Penalties will be deducted for exceeding your one-hour allotted cooking time.  You are encouraged to plate and serve the judges first.  One plate will be for a photo opportunity and served to the audience. One plate will be auctioned with a packet of all the recipes from 2016.
  3. All cooks will supply their own cooking ingredients, cooking utensils, and presenting dishware and cutlery for the six portions that you will prepare. There are two four-burner stoves- one for each contestant. There is a refrigerator for temporary storage. Please remove your ingredients after you have cooked. You will be required to cleanup your utensils after your preparations 
  4. You are encouraged to have an assistant. 
  5. Prize winners will be announced at 5:15PM of the Sunday competition. Medals will be given for each of the three top contestants in each category. All will compete for the grand prize totaling $1300.  First Place $600 Second Place $400 and Third Place $300




1. Cross contamination (example) Storing raw products over cooked products, cutting raw meat, fish or chicken on the same board with vegetables or a cooked product.

2. Gloves must be worn while preparing raw foods and serving final product. (Provided by Rotary) 

3. Temperatures -cold foods 40 degrees or below, hot food over 140 degrees

4. Serve cold food on cold plates, hot food on hot plates

5. Hair restrains of some kind must be worn.  (Traditional Chef’s hat, hairnet or clean baseball cap)

6. Chef’s coats and pants are preferred however clean attire is acceptable. Shorts are not allowed.

7. Avoid wearing large jewelry items

8.  Sanitation bucket of bleach will be provided.  The stage are also has running water.

Questions please contact Debbie McHargue @ (360) 490-5981

Oysterfest 2016