Skookum Rotary ~ Donate Now

In 1982 the Skookum Rotary Club in Shelton held its first OysterFest to raise money to invest in our community.  Since then, every year at this time we have been deeply involved in planning and preparations for this annual tradition and the exciting arrival of thousands of guests who gather with us, our critical non-profit vendor and exhibitor partners, and our sponsors in this endeavor and together we raise money to turn back into needed causes right here in Mason County.  

Obviously, this year one thing is different:  We aren’t going to be able to see everyone this October.  But many things really aren’t different, including the spirit in which we organize and hold OysterFest.  

For instance, Rotary has a notable history of active response to global public health concerns.  The most visible and obvious is Rotary International’s role in the effort to eradicate polio worldwide – an effort in which we are all supremely proud.  Now that the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives here and around the world, it’s clear there are local concerns resulting from this we want to help address.  So, our commitment to find ways to assist our community remains solid and unchanged.  

There is also no lack of need in our community.  In fact, the needs not only continue but are exacerbated by the pandemic.  This makes it particularly ironic that we are unable to hold our traditional fundraiser this year.  Nevertheless, this is a time when we find we must redouble our efforts.  

Finally, even though we can’t gather this year, another thing that isn’t different is that we are establishing an opportunity to allow our OysterFest guests to contribute even though we are forced to take a time-out from the event itself this year.  The generosity of OysterFest patrons and guests over the years has been amazing.  

So, we would like to ask you to prepare your favorite OysterFest menu items at home, get into an OysterFest frame of mind, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and make a contribution in the spirit of this tradition!  

Please consider a donation of any level you are able – any amount is helpful.  These funds all go to help our neighbors here in Mason County as well as other parts of the world through Rotary International – just as the funds raised at our previous OysterFests.

We’ll see you in October 2-3, 2021 – and thank you!