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west coast oyster shucking championship and washington state seafood festival

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Skookum Rotary will be hosting a virtual celebration and not an in person event in 2021. Many factors contributed to this heartbreaking decision however location suitability, costs and guest experience were our primary concerns.
An in person OysterFest 2022 is already in the planning stages. Our committee will look back at the successful elements of previous OysterFest events and look for ways to update and expand thanks to your suggestions. You have asked for more seafood choices and more environmental education activities, as well as venues for all ages. We hope to keep what you love about OysterFest and to add new favorites as well. It is important to us to maintain the unique character of the event and continue to focus on the aquaculture industry, clean water, and support of local non-profit organizations.
Our goal is to keep OysterFest enjoyable, affordable and accessible to all. We appreciate your support and interest and look forward to your enthusiastic participation in our online event and activities on October 2 and 3, 2021. We will have souvenirs available to purchase and will feature interviews with local shellfish companies, groups and agencies that support the goals of OysterFest, and much, much more.
Mark your calendars for our next full experience OysterFest on October 1 and 2, 2022.


How Can You Help?

We collect donations for Skookum Rotary Humanitarian Community & International Programs to help better our world

Just Some of what oysterfest is about !!!

#DigWaShellfish / #OysterFestWA / #OysterFestDollarsAtWork / #SkookumRotary