Admission at Oysterfest

OCTOBER 7th & 8th, 2017

Visitors come from far and wide every year for OysterFest. They bring family and friends to sample morsels created by professional chefs; witness the excitement of the West Coast Oyster Shucking Championship trials, taste the selection of Washington State Wines or Microbrews. Young and old enjoy the Art and Photography exhibits, live touch tanks as well as the diverse variety of live music and activities.

With fantastic food and entertainment, OysterFest has become the anchor for annual reunions of family and friends from across the region.

Admission tickets are just $5.  Order your admission tickets today and get ready for a seafood adventure.   Tickets are also sold on site at the event.

RVs at Oysterfest

OysterFest 2017


As many of you know, we moved the event and RV parking last year.  It was a huge success, much better than ever.  And again this year we are leaving the price to camp the same.  The procedures for reservations will be very similar to 2015.  Below is a description of what is going on with camping at OysterFest, including facilities and reservation procedures.  Please read this carefully.


OysterFest is held on the north side of the Port of Shelton property, on an abandoned airport runway.  The entire festival, including car parking and RV’s, will be inside a fenced area.   There will be another fence surrounding the actual festival.  Two hundred RV’s will be parked on the east and west sides of the festival, just outside the paved runway, outside the inside fence, stretching the entire length of the festival.  Access to the event will be through walk-in gates on each side as well as through the general admission gate on the north side.  See the attached map. 

The ground in the reserved area is very level and hard packed dirt/gravel/grass.  The ground on the bluff is hard, but not quite as level, but not bad.  The tent area has some soft spots.  There are no hookups in any of the areas, no water, electricity, sewer, or cable tv.  Limited free Wi-Fi may be provided by our local power utility, PUD 3.  There will be a spot where you can fill water jugs or drive your RV up and fill your tanks with potable water.  There will be Port-a-Potties and also be a trailer with three shower stalls with hot water.  Showers will be on the west side of the event, the same side as the tent camping.  Quiet hours will be from 11 pm until 7 am.  You are welcome to run your generators at all other times.

Please register online.  You must register online to get a reserved spot.  Even if you don’t want a reserved spot, you can only pay by credit cards online and we cannot take credit cards at RV check-in, only cash and checks.  Also, it makes it much quicker at check-in for everyone to be pre-registered.  You can register online up until the time you arrive at the check-in desk. 

All sites are $30 each night for Friday night and Saturday night.  This includes one night of camping and one day admission for two people.  Camping is also available on Thursday night and Sunday night for $15 per night.  You may leave whatever time you want on checkout day, except that you must be gone by noon on Monday.  Campers may arrive starting at 12:00 noon on Thursday.  On-site registration will be open on Thursday from 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm, Friday from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm, and Saturday from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm.  If you arrive at times outside of these times you are welcome to park on the bluff, and come to the RV registration tent when it opens.  We highly recommend that you do not arrive on Saturday until late in the day.  Because of the high volume of cars you may not be able to get to RV parking but be forced to go with the crowd into general car parking, and have to move later.

There are three types of sites and reservations:  1) reserved, 2) the Bluff, and 3) tent/small RV. 

Click Map to Enlarge             

Map for RV Parking June 20 2016 – Click to download

Oysterfest RV and Camping

Reserved sites are the 200 sites around the perimeter of the event.  Each reserved RV site will be 20’ wide and 40’ deep.  Rigs will be parked two deep, bumper to bumper, with access roads on each side.  There will be no fees for additional vehicles, but all vehicles must be parked in the 20×40 area, off the designated roads.  There will be plenty of nearby room in general parking for vehicles if they don’t fit.  See the map.  Registering for these sites is explained below.  If you ask for a reserved spot and none are available, you will be assigned to the Bluff. 

The Bluff is the very large area up a small rise to the east of the event, just a few yards from the reserved sites.  See the map.  There are no reserved spots, but rather this area is first come, first served.  Campers can arrange their rigs pretty much however they want as long as they stay off of the designated roads.  This is ideal for those that want a little more space and for the larger groups.  You do not have to register as a group to be together on the bluff, but rather just mark out your area when you arrive.  This area is a little rougher terrain, but not too bad.  Rigs that went up there last year had no problems.  Since the reserved sites alongside the event are only 40 feet long, longer rigs will have to park on the Bluff.  There is plenty of room for anyone that want to camp here. 

The tent/small RV section is in the wooded/grassy area to the west of the event.  Reservations for this area will guarantee you a spot in this area, but not a specific site.  The ground is soft in spots, and unavailable to large trailers and motorhomes.  It was specifically designed for tents. 

Reservation Information: 

Full payment must be made at time of reservation.  Individuals, as well as groups may be accommodated in the reserved section.  Groups will be parked together, how you park in those sites is up to you.  Each individual person is responsible for their own registration.  Before a group can register they must get a “Group Name” from the RV Chairperson, however all the group names from previous years will be on the drop down menu without asking.  If your group name is not there, before you register, select “Contact” from the menu at the top of the screen.   For subject, pick “RV Reservations”.  This will send an email to the RV chair.  Ask for a group name.  Your group name will be added to a drop down menu you will select when registering.  All members of the group will have to select this exact name to get placed with the group. 

First priority for reserved spots will be given to campers that had reserved spots last year, Oysterfest 2015, as long as they submit their registration by August 1.   It will help if you put in the notes that you had a reserved spot last year.  Any spots that are “unclaimed” as of August 1 will be available for others, prioritized by registration date.  All campers that end up in the reserved area will be put with others in the group.  Groups that want more spots may want to consider camping on “the Bluff”.  Being a new member of a group that was in the reserved area last year does not guarantee that you will be in the reserved area this year, but does guarantee that if you got your reservations in time to be in the reserved area you will be with the rest of the group.  Since group sizes will change, there will be a small amount of site shifting. 

Other Registration Information:

When you make your reservation you will get an automated email back confirming that you made a reservation.  This does not guarantee that you got what you requested, only that you paid.  If you don’t get an email back, please send a note to the RV chair by selecting “Contact” from the menu at the top of the screen, and pick “RV Reservations” as subject. 

If you have any questions concerning the camping you may send a note to the RV chair by selecting “Contact” from the menu at the top of the screen, and pick “RV Reservations” as subject.   When you make reservations, you will be able to include any comments you may have, such as “I need a spot to accommodate my 45’ motorhome” or “I am confined to a wheelchair and need a site close to the entrance”.  Not all requests can be accommodated, but we will try.

Once a reservation is made, there will be no refunds.

Other Camping Information:

Wrist bands will be given to campers to gain entry to the event, two campers per day per night camped.  If there are more than two in your party, the additional parties may pay for entry at any of the gates, or you may purchase additional wrist bands at the RV check in.  They are $10 for a two day wrist band, $5 for a one day wrist band.

Pets of any kind are not allowed in the event except for service dogs.  Persons having animals in the camping area must use every precaution to insure the safety of the people attending including keeping them on a leash and cleaning up after them.

Quiet time begins at 11:00 P.M. and ends at 7:00 A.M.  Please be respectful of your neighbors and turn down all music, televisions, generators, etc.

Fires will be subject to Fire Marshall approval, based on the weather conditions.  If fires are allowed they will only be allowed in above ground fire pits.  Please do not dump your ashes on the ground when you leave.

Thursday and Friday all campers must stay off the event grounds.  Thursday is set-up day and Friday is Kids Day at OysterFest. 

Remember, there is no parking for cars/trucks in the reserved area except in the large parking lot or your 20 x 40 spot.  There is plenty of room for vehicle parking on the Bluff.  Anyone who parks in the roadways, including along the fence, creates a safety hazard for emergency vehicles and will have to be dealt with appropriately.

Thanks for registering for OysterFest 2016 camping!  We look forward to you having a wonderful OysterFest experience